Thursday, September 06, 2007

Luciano Pavarotti

Luciano Pavarotti ... b. 1935 d. 2007

Always battling his weight, he said in an interview that he wished he could wake up and weight 60 lbs. less and be able to fly.
It is with heavy heart ed una furtiva lagrima ...

"Penso che una vita per la musica sia una vita spesa bene ed e a questo
che mi sone dedicato."
"I think that a life dedicated to music is a life well spent, and this is
what I have devoted my life to."


Don't miss the video of him singing with his father, Fernando, at the Modena Cathedral in 1978, Panis Angelicus.

Tributes from his fans:

Thank God for the time with pavarotti . I grew up with his music and my soul was filled up with his voice .Rest in peace and sing to the eternity .

Una lagrima for Luciano, what a glorious voice, our loss is Heaven's Gain! You'll be singing in Heaven eternally. Adieu Luciano, may you rest in peace.

many furtivas Lagrimas on my face... Luciano is my favorite of all times. You will remain alive in our memories and hearts. Viva Luciano

Rest in peace voice of the god :(

he is singing on heaven now

He has given me more pleasure than any person in my life. My feeling of loss is profound.

The silence is deafening.

Good night sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest. And he will be with the angels now.

Two days ago I had just finished re-reading his manager, Herbert Breslin's, Book about Pavarotti called "The King and I." How it shines with the spirit of the man, Pavarotti. Breslin admits that he never, in all the years, quit getting chills when he heard that voice. Especially compelling are the remarks Pavarotti says about other singers and performers in his interviews. Always radiant, always gracious, always generous. The same for the critics (he said he said they were his best friends), the same for "bad times" in opera (there were none, he said).

Breslin affirms that, besides having the voice of the century, Pavarotti, the man was irresistible because his goal was always "I will bring them to their feet."

Sic transit gloria.
Rest in peace.
Adio e grazie Sr. Pavarotti.

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