Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Emotional Intelligence is the Missing Piece

Emotional Intelligence is "the missing piece" for most people. Other reactions are relief and excitement.

From the emailbag today, from JB in my coach certification program:

Susan, here is the info you requested. My brain is already full from reading this a.m.!!!!! Realize I have to create some files for all of this new stuff. I re-read the EQ stuff I took previously, then skimmed the foundation course you sent today. I'm just giddy with excitement when I read this stuff!!!

The coach certification program is fast, affordable, effective, highly-rated -- and fun! You will find it incredibly freeing and so will your clients.

Emotional Intelligence is an excellent frame for anything you want to work on, applicable to all fields, all issues your clients will ever present to you. Coaching is a growth field, i.e., I was at a training seminar the other day, and coaching was listed as one of the "new" paradigms for counseling.

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