Sunday, August 16, 2009

Strong Souls needed for Coaching

"All strong souls first go to hell before they do the healing of the world they came here for. If we are lucky, we return to help those still trapped below."


I have trained and certified coaches all over the world -- Great Britain, all over the US, Malaysia, South Africa, Wales, Australia, the Phillipines, and more.

People often ask me what are the requirements to get into my coach certification program. The credential I look for first, in accepting a person to train for coaching, is life experience. College degrees don't matter as much as wanting to help other people, and having had a rich variety of life experiences. These two things cannot be taught. The rest of the things necessary can be taught.

I train long-distance -- via phone and email. The program is fast, effective, affordable and highly-rated. The core material is on the Internet, in interactive programs. I also offer 1-day intensives in the D. C. area. If you would like more information, email me at . I would love to be your coach, and your coach trainer.

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