Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why Coaching is the Ideal Profession

That's what I've been missing! That's what I said to myself when I read #2 on the Self-Care Plan we were presented with in a recent seminar.
Spend plenty of quality time alone
Hold one focused, connected and meaningful conversation each day
Recharge your batteries daily
Do your job differently
Teach others
Create work breaks
Confront the source of stress

As to this "one focused, connected and meaningful conversation each day" -- I have probably always made that a part of every day, even before I went into coaching.

However, 3 years ago, I moved to a new town in order to help with a family situation, and in the new town, the supply of people with whom I could have a focused, connected and meaningful conversation had to rebuilt. I mean people I could have lunch or dinner with, or meet for a walk in the park cum talk, etc.

I just moved again, and I guess there are more people here interested in focused, connected and meaningful conversations -- or else I'm just having good luck running in to them.

At the same time, I think that's one of the reasons why COACHING IS THE IDEAL PROFESSION. I get to have focused, connected and meaningful conversations all day long most days! Let's say coaching is relatively stress free and for these reasons: the focused, connected and meaningful conversations; being able to do your work in any way you choose to; being able to schedule work breaks ... well you get the picture. When you work for yourself, in a field that is innately about focus, connection and meaning - and can set your own hours and be your own boss -- it's so wonderful.

If you'd like to become a certified coach, email me and we'll arrange a program individualized to fit your needs, background, and areas of interest. . I offer intensives in the D. C. area if you are interested. You can be certified as a life coach, welllness coach, emotional intelligence coach, EQ coach, transitions coach, retirement coach, teen coach, parenting coach ... or name one and check it out with me.

Advantages of this program are:

Available intrenationally - all long-distance

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