Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Coaching for Effective Fathering

Helping Men Succeed, Mark Brandenburg

In the emailbag today, from our favorite coach for Dads, Mark Brandenburg, who coaches emotional intelligence as well:

Do you have a child that’s misbehaving? This isn’t a child that wants to misbehave; It’s a child that is discouraged. Give him or her encouragement, and allow them a chance to contribute in meaningful ways to the family.

Let them know when they’ve behaved the way you’d like them to. And, spell out clearly what you expect from their behavior.

Kids don’t want to misbehave just to bother you. They do it for a reason - to feel more important, or to get more attention for themselves.

Do you want more misbehavior? Then punish him or her, and see what you get.

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