Friday, January 09, 2009

The photo that is the essence of Christmas

I love this photo. To me it is the Essence of Christmas.

This is a happy Christmas morning scene. Morgan is holding Ivy. Ivy is the first of the next generation, the baby of Morgan's sister. It is a happy and cozy Christmas scene. It is the home of Anne and Chris, where all their children gathered for Christmas as they always do. Anne has 3 children of her own, and she and Chris adopted 2 more.

Now ... did you notice the snowman at the window? He could be the essence of Christmas, shining on the happy Christmas scene.

He could also be someone who wants to come in and join. And I'm sure they would open the door and welcome him in.

He is also about what is one of the major feelings at Christmas. It's one of the things that makes Christmas such a challenge of emotional intelligence: We can't be with all those that we love. Some have crossed over, some we may be estranged from, some may live too far away, others may have other familial obligations. And yet we are with all Christmasses, the present on and past one, in our Spirit ... and they, in ours. Like the Snowman at the window.

'no man, Chettie. I missed you this Christmas, as I have for the past 10. But I know you were there. And thanks Nancy for the 'noman card, in his remembrance.

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