Friday, January 23, 2009

Famous INFJs - Geoffrey Chaucer, Hadley Ajana and Carl Jung

Are you a Myers-Briggs fan (aka Keirsey)? On this site you can purchase a tshirt saying what your type is, and listing the famous people who share this type.

For instance, here's the INFJ. We weren't surprised to see California attorney Hadley Ajana right there between Tom Selleck and Geoffrey Chaucer, followed by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

Are YOU an INFJ (Counselor) or an ESTJ (Supervisor), or an ESFJ (Provider) or an ENTJ (Fieldmarshal)? I ask my coaching clients to take this profile because one of the most important things to know right away is whether you are an I (introvert) or an E (extravert or extrovert).

This assessment is based on Dr. Carl Jung 's types, and he, himself, a famous psychologist, was an INFJ (Counselor). See how accurate it is! :-)

You can take the test here, online. Here you can read about the 4 basic groups, called temperaments. If you'd like coaching about your type and how best to use your energy and talents, let me know -

Here are the famous people who are INFJs. There's a t-shirt for each type, so have fun!

Adam Sandler, Anthony Kiedis, Aristophanes, Billy Crystal, Carrie Fisher, Fanny Crosby, Fred McMurray, Garry Trudeau, Gillian Anderson, James Reston, Jamie Foxx, Martin Van Buren, Mel Gibson, Michael Landon, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Nelson Mandela, Nicole Kidman, Paul Stookey, Piers Anthony, Robert, Shirley Temple Black, Sudi-Kate, Tom Selleck, Hadley Ajana, Geoffrey Chaucer, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Mohandas Gandhi, Johann Von Goethe, Carl Jung, Eleanor Roosevelt, Calista Flockhart, Jessica Tovey, Jimmy Carter, Martin Luther King Jr.

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Queen of Wands said...

Really, it's no surprise, Hadley Ajana is a remarkable young woman, attorney, humanist and author, living the infj values.