Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It is assumed that our presidents will know how to dance

Time to Say Goodbye

Time photographers talk about their years photographing George W. Bush, including visit to hospital with wounded soldiers. An intense experience, the photographer asked Bush why (or how) he did it.
He replied: "I have to. I sent them there."

Time for perspective. Take a look at past inaugural balls. Did you know?

Jimmy Carter attempted to strip the galas of their glitz and glamour. He asked that they be called "parties" and insisted that guests be charged no more than $25 each.

I wonder ...

I wonder if any of the presidents or their wives had to take quick dancing lessons in preparation for this event. It's assumed the president knows how to dance.

Are you giving your children ballroom dancing lessons?? Are you giving them Etiquette Lessons.

One of my specialities is Etiquette, since it's a major part of emotional intelligence. Email me for coaching.

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