Monday, September 05, 2005


From Nancy Fenn, the IntroverzCoach

I am scheduled to take a cruise in December on the Carnival cruise line. It was to be on the Ecstasy. I received a phone call over the weekend from the travel agency that we would be going on another ship, as they had donated the Ecstasy for hurricane relief.

The outpouring is really amazing. And this from the EU ...

GERMANY and the UK have already flown in more than 500,000 food rations.

FRANCE is flying tents, generators and water purifying plants from Martinique, and a DUTCH frigate is taking medicine and helicopters to New Orleans.

GREECE has offered two cruise ships to help house thousands of homeless people for several months.

Tiny LUXEMBOURG has 1,000 camp beds and 2,000 blankets at the ready, and SWEDEN is providing equipment to restore mobile phone networks.

The aid is co-ordinated by a civil protection centre in the European Commission and by the UK, which currently holds the EU presidency.

Oana Lungescu BBC Brussels, "The US may not really need baby food from ITALY or divers from BELGIUM, but its call for European and international help shows that, after the divisions over Iraq, it has now realised that even superpowers need friends."
This is heartening. And I'm sure we really DO need baby food from Italy and drivers from Belgium. The misconception that anyone (or any country) is ever too big, too powerful, or too well-off to need help is a fallacy.

It is often the EMOTIONAL SUPPORT that is most needed.
Thanks and prayers to all who help!

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