Monday, September 26, 2005


Just wanted to thank everyone for their concern. I received countless emails wanting to know if me and mine were okay here in San Antonio, Texas. I got emails from as far away as Wales, and appreciate it so much.

San Antonio if pretty far inland, and Rita, though headed for the Texas Gulf Coast, swung to the north and west right at the end, heading back for that beleagured area around Louisiana. We had some high winds, but not even a drop of rain. I'm glad it wasn't worse for all concerned.

Again, thank you so much for thinking of me.


A "warning" like a hurrican watch is always instructive for observing emotional intelligence. Some people become very emotional and neglect "preparing." Others ignore emotional aspects but start "hoarding," unnecessarily. People as far north as Round Rock (north of Austin, which is about 400 miles from the Coast, started hoarding groceries.

I noticed sometimes the people who were quickest to say "Everyone's panicing," or "Don't you think you're over-reacting a little?" were really the most emotional underneath. They didn't sound as hyper, but their reactive state lasted a long time ... after everyone else had quit talking about it, they were still chewing the bone.

Of course we aren't judging anyone, it's just that if it turns into a crisis, you want to have remained calm enough to have thought it through, and to have done what needed doing.

Myself, I've kept a small "hurricane box" for many years. It contains flashlights, batteries, candles, bottle water, and so forth. And we all remember to "fill the bathtub with water"! Lots of other tips going around all the time in this part of the country. Always glad when we don't need them.

Thanks again!
Stay well and dry,

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