Sunday, March 12, 2006

Chapped Lips


Item#: 1817
Herbal Lip Ointment

Cold Sore Treatment: This natural cream aids in the prompt easing of pain associated with cold sores and fever blisters. A unique and fast-acting formula, Herbal Lip Ointment speeds up recovery plus moisturizes and protects lips. If you suffer from fever blisters or dry, chapped, cracked lips, sooth your lips with this exclusive blend of lysine, zinc, echinacea and other vital minerals and herbs that combat cold sores. ( .4 oz )

Price: $15.00


I spend a great deal of time in the winter on products to deal with dry skin and chafing. We don't have the chilling winters of the midwest and east coast but we have our driest weather and my skin soaks up products to restore moisture.

Like most sensitive people, I've spent hundreds of dollars trying one product after another because the chemicals AND aromas used wind me up with an allergic reaction which I then have to counteract with Claritin or aspirin. One year I tried all the Bert's Bees products and my eyes were itchy and red for days!

I thought I would go back to basics and tried Vaseline on my lips. They swelled up like a balloon.

Since using Arbonne products, for the first time I can ever remember, I use the tube or dispenser all the way down to the very bottom, having already ordered the replacement to have on hand ... not to miss a day. I have finally found products which produce no redness, no irritation, no tearing up, no burning ... and no allergic respiratory reaction to the chemicals.

I like to think of the time and money I'm saving having finally found a whole LINE that works for me. And they work together synergistically.

Yesterday I actually went through my hall cupboard and threw out -- one after another -- old scrubs, lotions, moisturizers and massage products -- some of which I had paid a fortune for but ALL of which had inflamed or irritated my eyes or breathing. NO MORE! And no more time and $$ wasted.

How about you? Could you benefit from simplifying that area of your life?

My last discovery -- the one I want to share with you today is for chapped lips. Product #1817 is just fabulous!! This year has been so dry, that my lips got really chapped. I'm so glad I tried Arbonne's Lip Ointment because it will also make good preventive care. It looks like lip gloss after it is applied and I know I'm not adding more chemicals to my blood stream, a special concern so near to the mouth, a receptor and breeding ground for bacteria and ingested elements par excellence.

Try the Lip Ointment. You will just love it! And such a cute little container to carry around with you.

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