Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Solar Eclipse March 29

We will all be watching as the time of the solar eclipse approaches, a major astronomical events. You can track it further, here:

This will be an emotional time, regardless of what effects you think the eclipse may have in your life.

Some think these events effect our lives personally, and others don't/ If you do not, you will be around people who do, so they will have an emotional reaction you will need to deal with. If you do, and someone around you doesn't, you will need to be aware of that.

In other words, there may be disagreement, differing opinions about fundamental beliefs and ways of looking at things. How will you deal with this?

That's EQ!

We all suspect and have inklings. There is some scientific evidence, for instance about the tides -- oysters taken to tanks in the MidWest [USA] continue to react to tides that are thousands of miles away ... and all the women in an office, after time, start having their periods at the same time. (Major PMS problems!??)

What does your intuition tell you? Observe your reactions as the hype about the eclipse esalates, and take note. Emotional intelligence begins with self-awareness.

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