Monday, March 27, 2006

emotional intelligence course really works



"As a middle manager, parent and spouse – I thoroughly enjoyed Susan’s course. It was my first experience taking an on-line course with a coach/teacher. Much, much more successful then any of my other on-line courses.

"We’ve all been taught the importance of emotional intelligence, even it wasn’t called that. Some of the quotes that come to mind were:

· Attitude determines altitude.
· Leadership drives performance.
· If we can dream it, we can do it.
· I can

"Not having any formal exposure to emotional intelligence, but having an interest in the issues of leadership, stress, wellness and performance, I found Susan’s course on emotional intelligence very relevant with issues we all face today. I enjoyed the exposure to new ideas, as a manager when does one hear of “soothing”, “resilience” or the “limbic” brain?

"And reminders of other skills like optimism, creativity, self-awareness and empathy. Some issues like “endeavoring” to always speak well of people or not to speak at all, caused me rethink my behaviour.

"I’ve enjoyed as well seeing the topics covered come up in the local paper as key principles for business leaders – issues like optimism, humor, self-awareness and an appreciation art.

"Probably the greatest part of the course is the emphasis on optimism, the engine that drives EQ, through perseverance, passion and purpose. The result – performance.
EQ also ties into wellness, as a manager, I first started to pay attention to stress when the public health nurse commented that “85% of doctors visits are related to stress” ( I asked her twice to make sure the quote was right!). It’s not much of a stretch to use the same percentage with health care costs and absenteeism.

Evidence continues to mount that North America is under a serious wellness crisis, in Canada the four leading causes of doctors visits for adults are; hypertension, depression, diabetes and anxiety. Estimates place the cost impact of stress at in excess of 150 billion dollars – greater than the profit of the entire Fortune 500 combined.

"An interesting part of the course was the recent research by Dr. Martin E. P. Seligman that showed that happiness came not for hedonic pursuit of pleasure, but from helping others. Interesting for me was to see this match the information I gathered last year “Although not published anywhere, those people who volunteer are more likely to report being very satisfied with their life and more likely to describe their health as excellent or very good compared to non-volunteers.”

"The skills taught in Susan’s course are skills we all need – managers, parents, teachers and students...[and] are the steps towards a life filled with passion, love and joy."

Want to find out more about the impact of emotional intelligence check out:, Susan’s site or (While you're there, take the EQ-Map. Find out where your stress points are.
The EQ Foundation Course and EQ Alive! Programs are online, distance learning with email and telephone support optional. Coaching also offered. We have years of experience teaching and training online. Give us a call at 210-496-0678, or .

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