Thursday, March 30, 2006

For Your Man's Health

1. Arbonne shaving cream -- what he puts on his face gets absorbed into his bloodstream.
2. Arbonne Prostate Formula
3. Arbonne Heart Formula

"Prostate formula?" said one of my clients, "I'd crumble it up and sprinkle it on his cereal if I had to. It's that important to me."

Emotional intelligence has the magic "I" word in it ... Yes, it's good to be intelligent about your emotions. No, "emotions" are not a replacement for "intelligence."

What IS "intelligence"? Many things, of course, but here is one definition: Your memory is your intelligence.

If you are aging and have noticed that, along with the need for drugstore bifocals, you also can't remember what you walked into the living room for (whereas you used to be able to), you may be suffering the "inevitable" short-term memory decline that comes with age.

Is it "inevitable"? You know what they say. There are only two things in life that are inevitable.

However, you can expect a bit of it (or more), you won't miss it as much as you thought you might (it makes us more forgiving), and there are some things you can do toi exacerbate the symptoms.

1. Stay in top physical health. Exercise, eat right, and take supplements. ARBONNE has some great ones. The latest advice is that the less you eat, the longer you'll live, so why not try the Arbonne Figure 8 Weight Loss products while you're at it. "I live on Chews," said one of my clients. "Every time I think I have to eat something, I pop in a Chews. Works great."

2. Keep things organized. This means cleaning out junk, and "a place for everything and everything in its place." If you don't, you may spend an hour every morning searching for the car keys, and even missing some important engagements because you can't 'remember' that you put them on the bathroom counter last night when you came in.

3. Go back to college days when you were first learning how to get organized. Get a big calendar and put everything on it. Use a daytimer if you prefer. Just something you can't lose. :-) Remember to calendar the big things (property taxes and annual checkups) as well as the smaller things (nails done, Botox treatment). If you like computers and are around one a lot, buy a great software like imanage or something.

4. Get creative about getting help, i.e., download an alarm on your computer. Use it. Set it and you won't forget to go pick up the dog because you got involved on the Internet.

5. Learn Yoga. It helps stimulate the brain and nervous system and peps you up. It is designed to help you remain rational and calm and improves your circulation. Try Dharana to keep your focus and still the rambling brain syndrome. Try Dyana to get the focus inward; even more calming.

6. Work on flexiblity and sense-awareness. Do NOT get stuck in rut. GO to work a different way, make new friends, learn a new hobby. Be more attentive with your senses - TUNE IN to the birds singing, the flowers on the walk as you leave the library, the smell of the bakery as you walk past.

7. One of the best things you can do is to learn something totally new. One of my clients has just started being a paralegal ... at the age of 60. Another took up motorcycling. The most important thing is to get completely out of your realm of experience. This forms new brain paths, and you will need as many as you can muster if you should have a stroke or other illness.

8. Take supplements for obvious weakening areas - like prostate and heart. Also a good general one for your immune system, like the DefenseBuilder.

9. Learn to cope as best you can, don't be a perfectionist, and don't worry about it unduly; that never helps and will cloud your mind more, making you even more forgetful. As one of my clients said, "I don't have a steel -trap memory any more, but I probably had more than was necessary to begin with. I'm not as good as I used to be, but I'm still above-average. I take my time, use crutches (like carrying a small notebook with me), and keep my sense of humor.

10. Get plenty of sleep. A tired brain won't function as well.

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