Friday, March 03, 2006

India, US Clinch Nuclear Deal & Emotional Intelligence Deal

INDIA, US CLINCH NUCLEAR DEAL read the headlines . . . described as "a necessary agreement, one that will help both our peoples," and necessitated by the incredible economical-growth in India.

At the same time, for the same reasons, we have clinched an EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE DEAL WITH INDIA, MALAYSIA AND SINGAPORE. In alliance with Orane Opportunities Unlimited ("Inspiring New Heights"), we will be bringing the EQ Alive! Program and products to India, Malaysia and Singapore in the coming months.

"India is a booming economy," said Kiran Bala, BA, MBA, Certified EQ Coach and Director of Orane, who will be marketing the program, "with GDP growth of 6.8% (2004-5) and estimated to be 7% in the coming year. With the huge influx of MNCs, the need for leaders is more than ever. However in the current scenario corporate in India is full of managers and not leader. There is a continuous need to enhance the human potential and help them become leaders in life with emotional intelligence."

Orane will also be marketing the program in Malaysia and Singapore.

Emotional Intelligence is truly a global phenomenon, and it's a shrinking world where conservation of resources, and EQ to go along with IQ, are essential.

"Proliferation is certainly a concern and a part of our discussions," said Bush, "and we've got a good-faith gesture by the Indian government that I'll be able to take to the Congress. But the other thing that our Congress has got to understand that it's in our economic interests that India have a civilian nuclear power industry to help take the pressure off the global demand for energy .... To the extent that we can reduce demand for fossil fuels, it will reduce the cost to the American consumer."

Then Bush spouted a little EQ himself, admitting that this deal fell outside the limits of traditional international agreements: "What this agreement says is — things change, times change, that leadership can make a difference. ... So I'm trying to think differently, not stay stuck in the past."

The US will share nuclear know-how and fuel with India to help power its fast-growing economy . . .

and we hope to share our Emotional Intelligence know-how to help intelligently power its fast-growing economy as well.

EQ Alive! is a simple, effective program, all long-distance.
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The more things change, the more you need EQ.

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