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Some people who come to study Emotional Intelligence, take courses with me, or have coaching, are very left-brained. They generally need to work on things like creativity, intuition, flexiblity, and seeing the big picture. (Are you? Take THE EQ-MAP and find out.)

The coaches I train also want to know how to "teach" these competencies.

Here's an exercise that can help you learn or teach those right-brained things. The goal is to become balanced and acquire "whole brain thinking." This means that you have developed both sides of the neocortex, and flexed and strengthened the corpus callosum which connects them, which, in turn, gives you a wider variety of behaviors to choose from in any situation.

The person with more tools in their kit - - the one who is the most flexible - - will "win" in any interchange. If you see things only one way, you have only one way of dealing with them, and someone with more EQ can dance you all over the dance floor. It has nothing to do with intellect, BTW. The best person for the job never gets chosen. The person who gets the promotion isn't the smartest or most skilled. The "Winner" is almost always the person with the highest EQ.


Choose a symbol that represents you. Do it randomly.
Go HERE, the symbols site. Click about halfway down where it says "Check out a random symbol". When you click on it, 'ask' for a symbol about you. The one that's chosen for you won't be an accident. "There are no coincidences."

When you get your symbol, figure out what it has to do with you. If you haven't a clue, just start talking (writing) about what's there, and what it makes you think of.

You may actually feel your brain "stretch" when you attempt to do this.

If you know someone whose intuitive, who knows you fairly well, show them the symbol and ask them how it represents you. You can learn from this as well.


I drew the symbol for the crucible:

They define it as: "a sign for crucible, or melting pot, used in old chemistry. A crucible was a small but strong bowl in which metals could be melted. A crucible can also be drawn as a cross.

It general terms, crucible means "a severe test" or "a place or situation in which concentrated forces interact to cause or influence change or development."

I thought this was fitting, since I'm a coach. I often act as a catalyst for change in people. allowing them to change, develop or transform.

I also thought of some times I'd gone through that were like crucibles, and also some relationships. Deep, difficult, and/or intense, where I was transformed.

Now go find your symbol. Let me know what you get. Email me at .

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