Saturday, April 29, 2006

Labrador Retriever Top Breed in US in 2005


Dogs share a limbic connection with humans (and other mammals). Monkeys and chimps are much closer to us in DNA, but lab tests (and your own common sense) affirm that dogs are far more attuned to humans emotionally. The "limbic connection" is what you see (feel) when you look into the eyes of a dog vs. the eyes of a lizard or frog.

Dogs have been our companions for centuries. Thus, like humans we live with in close quarters, they have learned our ways and co-adapted.

Shih Tzus made the top 10 list for pets in the US for 2005. Their name means "lion," and they are indeed the small dog with the big heart. They're bred strictly as pets and they do their 'job' well -- able to withstand some roughing up from kids; loyal and gentle companions for the elderly.

We know from tapestries and paintings, they were around in China is 624 AD, part of the Chinese court, and bred carefully. By the 30s they had made their way to the UK, and American GIs brought them back home after the war.

But is there anything cuter than a Lab puppy?

Yes, it's the Labrador Retriever that's Top Dog in the US. It's hard to beat the intelligent, friendly Lab. Ask me! I have two Lab grand-dogs.

Top 10 Breeds in the US for 2005 are as follows ( with the number of registrants listed as well:

1. Labrador retrievers 137,967
2. Golden retrievers 48,509
3. Yorkshire terriers 47,238
4. German shepherds 45,014
5. Beagles 42,592
6. Dachshunds 38,566
7. Boxers 37,268
8. Poodles 31,638
9. Shih Tzus 28,087
10. Miniature Schnauzer 24,144

Wonder how many Heinz 57s there are?

Tell us what breed you like and why! Go HERE to express your opinion. (I'll be checking it from time-to-time to see if it gets Godwins-law'ed.) With German shephers at 45,014, and bloggers being bloggers, it could happen!
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