Tuesday, April 11, 2006


We like this look at the google of the future. Heaven knows we could all use this?

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After two weeks of problems with computer, hard drive, and website, my website is now DOWN completely. Hang in there. It should be up tomorrow!

We're following the Italian election with interest. In keeping with our earlier theme of nonverbal communication and finger gestures, Berlusconi came through with the "coglioni" statement right on cue. The blogs are full of opinions as to what it means, in translation, and just how strong an insult it is. Does it mean they have no cajones? Or they're d***heads, as one op ed article said? People describe it more or less in terms of which candidate they support - never forget the natural human bias. Opponents say it's inappropriate for a PM. Some think Berlusconi gets to write NEW RULES.

At this point it looks, ah hem, a hung jury, with the vote being contested.

Hi Susan,

I'm working on a team that is developing manager training materials at Intel & we really liked your article "Using Your Emotional Intelligence To Get & Retain the Best Employees" which we came across in smallbusinessnewz.

We were wondering if it would be ok with you if we use the article as pre-reading for our class. Also, assuming you approve, could you send us a copy of the article suitable for emailing to our class?

Tyler Welt
Intel Capital Finance

Of course I said "yes." Nice to know we're helping. BTW, did you know we give presentations, workshops, teleclasses, teleseminars, Internet courses, and personal, individual and group coaching via telephone or on-site? JUST ASK.

Found this great website while roaming around on the Internet.

It has great information for encouraging your daughter or grand-daughter to pursue a career in math or the sciences, where females are still under-represented. They say that girls, as we know, start to lose interest in math and science at about 10 years of age.

I always have a bit of a tug on the heart-strings when I read that stat. At that age, math was my favorite subject and I was very good at it, intuitively. I "just knew" the answer; I couldn't always "show my work."

Since I came from a "liberal arts" family, where writing, reading and verbal skills were praised, I received no encouragement at home. It's odd because my father, a lawyer, told me late in life that when he was in World War II, in the artillery, he found the math "easy," and had loved it himself.

At school, I was "punished" for shouting out the math answers too fast. The teacher told me I couldn't answer a question any more. (True story!)

Every time I have taken a career assessment, it has shown that I would enjoy being a theoretical physicist. Indeed I used to keep a photo of Einstein on the refrigerator -- my kind of "hero". The writeup on the career assessment cautions (and I know this well, since I give assessments) - the assessment indicates what you would have a passion for, but does not show if you have the skills ore prerequisites to do well in it. ... and the rest is history.

However, I love what I do now very much. Things probably turn out for the best in the end.

If you're wondering what career field you would enjoy -- for beginners, for college, or instead of what you're currently struggling with (!!) take the StrengthsFinder(r) profile. (Available when you order the book, "Now Discover Your Strengths." Code is in the book, assessment is online. ( Do NOT buy a secondhand book as the code will have been used.)

The StrengthsFinder (r) is an outstanding assessment, my preference. It gives me a quick and accurate look at the client. You receive your top 5 strengths, in descending order. These are touchstones you can go back to when you hit a wall; they're a way to plan a career with EQ; they will tell you where your passion lies, because we love what we do well, and vice versa.

These are categories you haven't heard before, such as Focus, Deliberative, Intellection, Activator, Harmony and Relator.

Have your partner (personal or professoinal) take it, and/or members of your team, let me coach you, and you will understand much better how to get along with the other, how to use their talents for the common good, how to talk to them, how to make use of "opposites attract," and basically WHAT MAKES THEM TICK.

Be sure and let me do a coaching session with you on the results, as the clients I've given it to say, "But what do I do with this?" That's what coaching is for. To get your from where you are, to where you want to be.

p.s. One of my top 5 strengths is STRATEGIC. Let me map out a strategy for you. It's second nature to me. :-)

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