Sunday, April 30, 2006

Terry Tate - Office Linebacker


We have found that office tension often centers around small things, the things this video makes fun of -- leaving the coffee pot or Xerox paper tray empty, letting your food rot in the refrigerator, wasting space, playing annoying music too loud, wearing too strong a perfume, and cell phones buzzing with personal calls on the timeclock.

The projects and deadlines have a longer lifespan and we don't feel them everyday. Trying to assemble the project you just copied and finding the scissors, redact tape and "copy" stamp missing can happen continually in a poorly run office, and adds small cumulative stress that is both continual and unsolvable, which tends to have an exponential impact.

I find it particularly stressful to abide by the company policy and rules of etiquette and clean up after myself at the worktable, replenishing supplies for the next person or, as my mother said, "leave it the way you found it." Because it's a rule, and everyone knows it, when I walk in and find someone hasn't done it, it makes me angry. 5 minutes of anger suppreses your immune system for up to 6 hours, so I use my EQ -- I note the anger, I take the information from it, and then I dispense with the emotion and do what I can, or must.

Anger is a good way of knowing what you want, but not a good way of getting what you want, and the physiological reacts that put us in the state we recognize as "anger," are not good for us. Telling a war story puts you under the same stress as you originally were...and since that's what makes it a war story, why would you do that to yourself.

Maybe from habit? Maybe because until I said that, you didn't recognize there were choices? Maybe because you wouldn't know what to put in its place? Maybe you are righteous in your anger?

THE FOCUS in Emotional Intelligence is two-fold -- on you, your awareness of your state, and your management of it, and then learning ways that increase your success in all areas of your life.

That's how it works, and how it has worked for every client I've work with, worlwide.

LET US TRAIN your staff and/or key people in emotional intelligence. Many of the things missing in your office can be supplied by emotional intelligence training. After all, it isn't exactly brain science to put the aluminum can in the recycle bin. A 2 year old could be trained to do that in a day. It does not require more than dull-normal intelligence, any advanced degrees, credentials, or certifications, yet that's where your employees are currently likely to be putting your money, and theirs.

Bring their level of emotional intelligence up, and you will not have some of the problems that probably have nagged you for years. (Because you've "tried everything"? Ah, now why not try Emotional Intelligence?)

We offer on-site coaching and programs, distance learning with telephone and email interactive support all over the world, a variety of weekly ezines, workshops, and presentations. We find distance learning works well with EQ and is an extremely efficient use of your time. for more information.==

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