Monday, May 01, 2006

Right Brain Healing - Andrea Bocelli - Emotional Intelligence


Music ... it's emotionally intelligent

Many people use music as an effective, inexpensive, drug-free way to handle stress, and for healing. Many classical pieces work well -- Mozart, Rachmaninoff, harp music (see A particular favorite for some appears to be Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman's "Time to Say Goodbye" or "Con Te Partiro."

Good byes bring up other good byes in one's life, and things that go way back - things without names and faces, and music expresses for us, feelings without names. That the song is in Italian works well because it circumvents the tyrannical left brain, and goes straight to the feelings center. "New" goodbyes remind us of "old" goodbyes -- not in form, but in fashion. We remember the ache.

The hardest goodbyes are to dreams, to the end of "forever afters." Things that were never supposed to happen ... at least not to us. And to things that were with us for a very long time, like a career or a marriage of 40 years.


1996, Henry maske, the German World Light-Heavyweight boxing champion, and an uncommongly revered national hero, was preparing for the final boxing match of his career. One of Maske's trademarks was that he always chose an entrance theme to his bouts, and he needed something appropriate for this match. His friend, Sarah Brightman, the internationally renowned British soprano, happened to hear Con Te Partiro in a restaurant one night. She loved the song so made contact with Andrea and they recorded the duet together with members of the London Symphony Orchestra.

The bout with US champion Virgil Hill went as scheduled. Unfortunately Maske was defeated on points. As the German public paid tribute to their departing hero, the arena was filled with the poignant song ... Time to Say Goodbye. It would have been hard even if he'd won.

The single was immediately released, rose immediately to No. 1, and stayed there for 14 weeks, selling nearly 3 million copies.

Bocelli got his start when he auditioned to sing with Zucharro. Of all the auditions he listened to, Zucharro said Bocelli had something none of the rest of the tenors had: soul.

For more about Bocelli, see
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