Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sensualizing Your Relationship

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It's about hearts and flowers, yes. Both these couples are engaged with flowers, but there's a different energy.

Do you know how to get just the right tone into your encounters each time? Do you know what your partner likes?

A purely sexual relationship burns itself out. It also leaves us with a "hangover" -- wanting more, being irritable, groggy, prone to fighting with the one you love. It's "sexual tension" and can easily become unpleasant and annoying, because of all the fighting by day.

It's the "I can't live without him/her, I can't live with him/her" syndrome, that drives loving couples apart.

Sensualizing your relationship changes the pace. It's involving all the senses and brings a deep bonding process into your relationship that focuses on pleasure.

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