Thursday, May 25, 2006

Music Effects our Emotions


"Our experience of art shares the special characteristic of taking us out of our selves. When we are absorbed in a work of art we are entirely forgetful of our selves. Time seems to have stopped. It is literally the case that we as perceiving subjects are no longer in time or space. All the arts except music are representational ..." Bryan Magee, The Tristan Chord

From today's mailbag:

From B. G. , in Tampa: "Thank you for Club Vivo Per Lei. What a beautiful site. Music soothes and inspires me. I turn to music when nothing else can console me. When we were divorcing, I played the piano night and day. I hadn't played in years. Music works when words don't. "

From T. T. in Bozeman, Montana: "If I were dying, I would want to hear music. When I've had to go to the hospital, I take my favorite music with me and tune out. There aren't many noises in a hospital you would want to hear. I tune out from the pain of the world and tune into the celestial spheres. I am transported. I guess it's why some people drink and take drugs."

From Kiran in New Delhi: "You need some Indian music on your website."
THERE IS SOME INDICATION that music can affect levels of various hormones such as cortisol (arousal and stress), testosterone (aggression and arousal), and oxytocin (nurtuting behaviors), as well as releasing endorphins (natural opiates).

RESEARCHERS AT THE University of Muenster's Institute of Experimental Audiology in German have shown that intensive practice of an instrument leads to discernible enlargement of parts of the cerebral cortex, the layer or gray matter most closely assocaited with higher brain function.

THE ABILITY TO ENJOY MUSIC and react to it, is deeply embedded in the biology of the nervous system, participants at the "Biological Foundations of Music" agreed. Different parts of the brain light up whether it's listening to music, playing an instrument, or whether the song has words or not.

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