Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Oxidative Stress is Dangerous

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"You cannot ... I repeat ... you cannot survive oxidative stress. Nobody can survive oxidative stress unless they get outside help (supplementation)," writes Dr. Robert Gamble.

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from Dr. Gamble
"If Your Phone Doesn't Ring, It's Me?"

Stress: You may survive emotional stress??

But, you cannot survive physiological stress...often called "oxidative stress".

First of all, what is stress? Stress develops in all of us as a "wear and tear" upon us mentally and physically from factors in our environment, though often brought on by our action... or lack thereof.

Our society has come to an impasse though. We face stress of all kinds today from a variety of causes:

- Ever increasing uncertainties in the financial and
employment world create stress??
- Medical problems create ongoing stress??
- Marital and family problems bring on stress??
- Stress is inflicted upon us through world events affecting gas prices, terrorism, and war??
- Emotional and psychological factors nurture stress.

These stress factors are potent but people do survive them and even thrive. However, you cannot...I cannot survive oxidative stress. Nobody can survive oxidative stress unless they get outside help (supplementation).

What is oxidative stress?

The newest and most dangerous threat to your life and mine is oxidative stress. Oxidative stress occurs when oxidative radicals exceed what your body can quench. Such radicals are those chemical species which contain one or more unpaired electrons, capable of independent existence. They develop in the body as offshoots of cell activity or as products introduced to the body from the outside.

As an analogy, think of running a car engine as the cell production and the car emissions the "radical" production. Such emissions stress the car internally unless removed. The engine produces products which cannot stay inside the car without further damage. They simply must be neutralized and expelled.

Radicals thus damage your body. Upwards of 200,000 radical "hits" is a normal "load" daily.

When radical damage is done, the body can remove the compounds formed by its cell repair system. However, if the body cannot handle the radical burden (with antioxidants for example), then disease can be the result.

Since they are highly reactive substances, they react with all sorts of cell elements readily. This is the ,stress which can physically kill. When the radicals do react with your body cells, they can damage the cells and even kill them. Often, the damage from radicals can change the cell structure enough to cause disease such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and a host of others.

It is known that our bodies cannot handle the radical damage we face. All of us are in mortal danger from oxidative stress. Dr. Les Packer at Berkeley is one of the world??s leading experts in antioxidants. He states that 73% of all premature death is due to oxidative stress. (Dr. Steve Nugent, How to Survive on a Toxic Planet, The Alethia Corporation, 2006) p. 12.

The implications are clear: Our bodies cannot any longer cope with the power of oxidative stress which brings on chronic diseases and premature death in record numbers...unless you get supplementation.

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