Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Spring - Go with the Energy and Plant a Nice Crop for the Fall


I'm half-kidding ... but you know those looks they can give you. When he (or she) tells you you must get some rest, to go to bed for a week ... when you're a single mom with two elementary school kids in the house, and a dog that just had puppies. Fat chance!

Or when he tells you you're not eating right and need more vitamins and minerals AND you must also lose 20 lbs.?

Medical school is not the greatest for nutrition in the first place. Western medicine has focused one curing, not preventing. But don't get sick just to please your doctor! Get started now on Arbonne's DefenseBuilder and get your immune system built up. Combine it with Figure 8 Weight Loss System and you have a great one-two punch that will thrill your doctor ... but do it for yourself.

Shop with me safely online at MyArbonne. In fact my doctor sells it. To become a distributor, mailto:sdunn@susandunn.cc or click on website.

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Spring! It's nature's way of telling us there is always life after death, always a new beginning, always resurrection and transformation, always new growth.

Use the season wisely. Plant the seeds you will harvest in the fall. Select an ebook, take a course, call for a consultation, sign up for the EQ Alive! Program.


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