Saturday, July 15, 2006

Emotional Intelligence - Want to be a Coach?

Q: Do you want a coaching practice, or do you want a SUCCESSFUL coaching practice.

This is the ONLY coaching certification program led by someone with years of professional experience in marketing.

TRAINING COACHES WORLDWIDE in a dynamic, quick, affordable program that's all long-distance.

Make EQ your niche or your specialty
Prepares you for all types of coaching

Internet course
Phone coaching session once a week
Marketing including

This is the ONLY coaching program led by someone with years of actual marketing experience. Experience in both traditional and Internet marketing.

The only EQ coach certification program to include culture and the arts -- in an understandable, palatable format. This is known to be crucial to the development of emotional intelligence.

We include assessments, programs, seminars; we have materials you can license of affiliate to; we have trained coaches worldwide; we are affordable, and we individualize your program.

We teach applications so that you will know how to coach business, professional, personal, relationships, or to apply coaching excellence to a specialty of your own choice.

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