Tuesday, July 04, 2006

EQ Coach Certification Program rated #1 available Long Distance

Experienced, effective, simple method to coach EQ to individuals and businesses taught one-on-one, that's fast and affordable with no residency requirement offered on a completely individualized basis. Why waste your time learning what someone else needs to know or paying for courses included for other learners?

Susan Dunn, The EQ Coach, offers the #1 rated EQ Coach or Trainer certification program available today, completely long-distance. We don't believe it's emotionally intelligent to spend your money traveling or paying for lodging when you can train in the comfort of your own home or office, at a time and place convenient to you. We know you're busy, so we have flexible hours -- day, night, weekends included.

We are unique in offering 100% individualized instruction. We know your needs and goals are unique, just as your experience, degrees, certifications and experience are unique. We offer complete training for personal and business coaching in EQ, preparation for presentations and seminars, full-service marketing, website design and launch assistance, business cards, article writing, ebook generation, PR instruction, and multiple multiple revenue streams.

You will receive instruction in administering the EQ-Map (r) and the EQ Alive! coaching and development plan for clients, available for licensing to jumpstart your own practice. We have all the tools you need to generate clients and sales, including ebooks and Internet courses you can license or customize, or affiliate to. By fall of 2006, we will offer CDs.

This program has been in place longer than most, and has a proven history. We have already trained and certified coaches, therapists, clergy, consultants, consultancies, physicians, trainers, HR personnel and teachers all over the US, Malaysia, India, Singapore, Beijing, the Phillipines, Trinidad, Australia, the UK, New Zealand, Scotland, Wales, and more. We are currently allied with a consultancy in India, preparing to have a presence in India and Malaysian where EQ is in high demand (as it is all over the world.)

We have certified coaches who work in corporations, educational institutions, and the church; who work with individuals in EQ, Wellness, Relationships, Leadership, Business, Career, Whole-Brain Thinking, Balanced Living, Transformation, Entrepreneurship, Resilience, Stress Management and more.

We design YOUR program for YOU. We offer a unified and consolidated theory of Emotional Intelligence that will work with any challenge any client every presents. We are unique in that we offer research-backed data, which makes this program easier to sell to corporations, business and individuals. Our material is empirically-backed.

Susan is a Proficient Coach with a background of 20 years in counseling, marketing and public relations. In addition she holds a master's degree in clinical psychology from the prestigious Trinity University, #1 in the Southwest. No program leader has this backgound in the human sciences and emotional intelligence, plus expertise in Internet marketing to assist you in what you really want -- a viable practice, local, national or international.

Susan's website is ranked in the top million, an exceptional feat, and she will instruct you how to get yours there. We offer a truly turnkey operation for you: certification, webdesign, SEOs, keywords, blogs, reciprocal links and all the resources to drive people to your website.

We offer a package you can't beat: Exceptional program, high-level and empirically backed, individual instruction and full marketing support at an affordable price, fast, simple and effective.

We invite you to look around and see if anyone can beat this.

EMAIL today for information packet.

Coach testimony: "I found the EQ Alive! program to be transformational." -- Sue Johnson, Coach and Trainer

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