Friday, July 07, 2006

Free Sudoku Puzzles - does it take EQ to play?


SUDOKU – have you played it yet?
Sudoku is sweeping the world.
Everyone loves to play Sudoku.

La tua risorsa per puzzle di Sudoku gratuity. A sua fonte para puzzles Sudoku gratuitos. Deine Quelle für kostenlose Sudoku Puzzles. Votre fournisseur de grilles Sudoku gratuites. FIND SUDOKU PUZZLES FREE HERE.

Have you played Sudoku yet? It’s a logic based puzzle like a crossword puzzle only with numbers. "Sudoku" means "the digits must remain single" in Japanese.

The game wasn't invented by the Japanese, it started in Indianapolis, but it was the Japanese Puzzle publisher Nikoli that made it so popular. It was around before 1900.

The game is a simple graph of squares, nine squares by nine Squares which is divided into 9 3x3 squares or regions. You place single digits, 1-9, in the squares, but each region, each diagonal row, each horizontal row, and each vertical row of squares must contain one of each of the nine digits only one time. Actually it's like that circle the word game we all played as kids.

When you begin the Sudoku it will have some numbers already entered that are called "givens" or "clues."

It's hard to describe, so take a look at it here and start playing. You can even put one on your website, ezine or blog.

You can play it online here:

Does it take EQ to play Sudoku? Well, patience, that's for sure. But I know it builds resilience. It's learning of a new type for most of us, and that's always good for the brain and cognitive reserve. The older you are, the more you should be playing it! Give it a try.

Everyone seems to love to play Sudoku.

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