Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Holiday Energy is Getting Chaotic


Practice your EQ skills - - breathe deeply, eat right, get rest, take a time out.
Remember, you can TURN IT OFF.

Turn off the carols and specials, don't go to the mall, put a lock on your checkbook and stash your credit cards somewhere (give them to your mother-in-law!!), take a break if and when you need to, and check my BLOGS for daily tidbits. This one, EQ 4 U, and Single for the Holidays.

IF YOU'RE AN INTROVERT OR HAVE INTROVERTED KIDS (partner etc.) check out Nancy Fenn's blog for introverts. It features an article today on how to handle Christmas for the introverted child.

Introverts have a hard time with "the holidays" and these are great tips from the nation's leading expert on introversion, Nancy Fenn. Introverts make up about 30% of the population.

Emotions assault your immune system, and this isn't the time. You don't need to get sick on top of it all, and it's highly likely. Your immune system is your first and only line of defense against flus including the bird flu.
Ask a doctor. There are no cures for viruses.
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AFFAIRS INCREASE AROUND THE HOLIDAYS, TOO, UNFORTUNATELY. If you need some information, go to TheCloser.

Lewis, Amini and Lannon wrote in their marvelous book A General Theory of Love, “The cleavage between reason and passion is an ancient theme but no anachronism; it has endured because it speaks to the deep human experience of a divided mind.” (This is revealed in the mythical creatures centaurs.)

EQ QUIZ. Email me your answers (cut and paste) -

Check the ones which indicate a ‘cleavage between reason and passion’, i.e., passion (or emotion) makes you want to do one thing, but then reason (thinking) steps in, and you do something else; OR you think you ought to do something (reason), but your feelings (passion) get the better of you.

___ Mary was furious at her boss and wanted to quit but she needed her paycheck

___ Ann wanted to take 2 hours at lunch to go to a sale but she knew if she did she’d get fired

___ Anthony wanted to date the receptionist but he knew that was against company policy

___ Selina was so mad at her manager, she picked up her liquid paper and threw it across the office

___ Ted was hungover so he slept in Monday morning because he just couldn’t get up

___ Tony didn’t feel like going to work Friday afternoon so he didn’t

___ Samantha didn’t feel like going to work Friday but then she felt guilty at home so she went in late

___ Christine was so mad she wanted to hit her manager but she thought better of it

___Tom was angry at the project leader so he thought about not getting his work in on time but then he realized he’d only hurt himself

_____ Bob wanted to do the report the night before, but he got drunk instead

____ Susan thought it would be a good idea to stay late and work on the proposal, but when her boyfriend called and asked her out, she couldn’t resist

_____ Mary didn’t care about her job, so even though she said she’d stay late, she didn’t

_____ Sue Ann didn’t like her manager, so she came in late every day and wasted a lot of time

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