Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Where is Psychotherapy Going?

Should you lower your defenses? Absolutely not. Build them for better health.

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At a recent conference in California, the future of psychotherapy was discussed. Among the presenters was Dr. Martin Seligman, whose positive psychology we incorporate into the study of emotional intelligence. The article about this is currently one of the most popular on the New York times website. You can read the whole article here. Or cut and paste this in your browser:

Seligman's positive psychology includes his 3-P attributional theory. This means attributing negative things that happen as not Personal, not Permanent, and not Pervasive. One mistake, rejection, etc. doth not a devastation make! It also invludes gratitude, knowing and using your innate strengths, and positive thinking.

Our EQ Alive! Program includes as assessment that ascertains your innate strengths, giving you a profile as unique as you are. We also study neuroscience - - the wiring of the brain.

One of the most interesting points at the conference was made by Dr. Dan Siegel, a child psychiatrist at the University of California, Los Angeles, who emphasized how psychotherapy actually changes the wiring of the brain. We can measure these things now with the brain imaging technology.

We've known for a long time how popsitive and secure relationships help children. Siegel noted that brain imaging findings suggest that it's fostering the integration of disparate parts of the brain.

In other words, there are things we can do that will actually repair connections in the brain, and this, to most of us, translates into feeling and thinking better, resulting in happier and more successful lives.

Our EQ Alive! Program focuses on brain balance and whole-brain functioning. We learn how to unhook non-productive connections and form new ones that work better. How does that sound for the new year? Learners report feeling better and functioning better almost immediately, with long-term changes resulting for the better.

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