Thursday, November 15, 2007

Politicking - it takes emotional intelligence

How to Become a Local Political Power Broker Using 15 Simple Strategies is the name of the article. And political power is what we always need, wherever we are. In its purest since it means being able to work people and work with peoplem, for win-win outcomes.

From the article:

2) Map People's Networks: The secret of political power is understanding and using social networks. The connections of sympathy, obligation, self-interest, allegiance, and affection that flow through the networks of social connections between people is the key to persuading people to help you and those you represent. Human social maps are a very complex and ever-changing landscape requiring diligence, social adroitness, and constant attention to
maintain and use: dealing with the complexity of human relationships is why we have such enormous brains in the first place. Investigating and understanding people's social networks is a key asset for any political power broker. You must understand the social networks to which your neighborhood is connected, who are the key influencers in those networks, and what those influencers' motives and needs are. As to what you have to barter with in order to get those influencers to utilize their networks on your behalf, keep reading...

4) Learn to Ask People for Money: Having the combination of emotional intelligence and bulldog-like determination
... is rare.

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