Saturday, November 24, 2007

Holidays, Stock Market, Mass Hysteria

Take a break and remember the Reason for the Season
People are writing me from all over the world about the Black Friday sales and people getting up at 4 am to go to the sales in the US. It almost looks like mass hysteria. A shopping frenzy, like a feeding frenzy. The action when you've forgotten the reason for the action.

And then there's the stock market.

This is a good time to work with your emotional intelligence. You know that poem "When you can keep your head about you when others are losing theirs"?

I'm thinking too about the bbc interview with the Norwegian ship captain who did the rescue for the Explorer. The interviewer kept asking how the passengers felt, were they afraid, etc. The captain stuck to the matter at hand. They were rescued, had food and services. No, he hadn't been able to talk to them - HE WAS BUSY RESCUING THEM and keeping his head about him.
A good thing to keep in mind when there's mass hysteria and panic going on. This sort of situation leads to impulsive actions - like, I'm going to settle this once and for all. The kind of energy that makes us end relationships when they didn't need to end, pop the question to the wrong person, buy high and sell low.

The urge to impulsivity makes us THINK we have do something, and worse than that, do ANYTHING. It's not good emotional intelligence and it's hard to hold the center when it seems like everyone else is ...

To learn more about emotional intelligence, take THE EQ COURSE. It would be a good use of your time right now, as well as attending to the "real meaning" of the holidays. Which, regardless of your religious perspective, came from the word "holy days."

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