Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Christmas Gifts for Older Gents

From today's mailbag - what to buy an older gentleman. There are some great, empathic ideas in here.

7 Top Christmas Gifts Of 2007 For Older Men
By Peter Crump

He's a little older now, his hair is greying a little, or alot, and he's a bit slower than he used to be.

But you love him more than ever and you need a hot Christmasgift for him this year and you're completely out of greatChristmas gift ideas.

Here's 7 top Christmas ideas for an older man.

1. An LP to iPod converter. If he's like me he still has asecret stash of LPs tucked away somewhere that he loves tolisten to, but doesn't any more because his equipment is broken,or just too old. How about a turntable that converts his LPs into a format to play on an iPod or Nano, with software to help eliminate those annoying pops and crackles that are so common on LPs?

2. An iPod or Nano. Chances are there's no point in giving hima turntable to convert his old LPs into a format to play on his iPod or Nano, because he doesn't have one. Get him an iPod andhe'll understand why the kids love them so much. Or get him numbers 1 and 2 together for his Christmas gift and he can listen to his old LPs anywhere he wants.

3. A 35mm slide or negative to digital converter. So he canconvert all his old slides and negatives to digital format.Digital photos are so useful, there's so many things he can dowith them. And he can convert all or some of his old slides andnegatives to digital, load them all on his computer and they'reall there, ready for a slide show.

4. A gutter cleaning robot. He's getting a little past climbingup on the roof now and would rather employ someone else to cleanall those leaves out of the gutters.

Why not save him the money and give him a gutter cleaning robot for Christmas. It cleans leaves, small branches and dirt out of his gutters. Designed by roboticists from the US army, it's controlled by a hand held remote and runs on rechargeable batteries.

5. A peaceful progression wake up clock. Rather than the rude awakening he probably gets from his clock/radio alarm now there's an easier way. Half an hour before wake up the clock starts to glow slightly, brightening slowly and warming releasing aromatherapy aromas into the bedroom atmosphere. Then a slow increase in personally chosen sounds of nature, culminating in an alarm at wake up time.

The perfect Christmas gift for the man who's earned the right to a peaceful wake up. And it can work in reverse to encourage him to sleep if he doesn't sleep as well as he used to.

6. An acoustic ear warmer. Like me he probably doesn't hear quite as well as he used to, and feels the cold more than he used to. Give him some ear warmers that allow him to hear clearly. Designed to allow sound to pass through so he isn't always asking you to repeat what you said.

And suggestion number 7 for a top Christmas gift idea for your favorite older man this Christmas. A remote controlled beveragebuggy.

It's a scale model dune buggy that has holders for 2 16 oz cansor bottles of his favorite drink. He holds the remote and sendsthe dune buggy to the fridge where one of his willing accomplices put his 2 drinks in it to send back to him. It's a laugh and it allows him to consume whatever he wants to drink without getting off the chair. After all, he's earned it.

Now there's 7 quite unique Christmas gift ideas for the older man this year. So I don't want to hear excuses that you can't think of a single idea, ok?

About the Author: Peter calls himself The Mens Gift Guru andpublishes a website called Find That Gift For Him athttp://findthatgiftforhim.com/, all about mens gifts, includingChristmas gifts for men at http://findthatgiftforhim.com/category/christmas_gifts/ where you can read about these and other great Christmas gift ideas.

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