Monday, November 05, 2007

Dealing with the Alpha Male

Men in Power « intuitive * introverted * creative

Check out this great article on Nancy's blog.

It's an interview with Photographer Harry Benson quoted in the New York Social Diary.

From the blog:

Q: Did you ever photograph Bob Dole, because everyone says he’s really funny?
A: Yes, but a terrible temper. And so does Bill Clinton … oh terrible! Goes red! Just screaming and red-faced … eyes bulging!
Q: You mean screaming at underlings?
A: Maybe, but the underling might be the Secretary of State or somebody!

To read the rest of the article go here: Men in Power « intuitive * introverted * creative

It ends with an EQ tip:

"And then they would stop and they would look at you, and what you must never do is meet their eyes … you’re more like a primate. If you meet their eyes, you’ve had it!"

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It's good for anger management, and also for manging the rage of others.

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