Friday, November 09, 2007

IT Strategy at Genentech Includes Emotional Intelligence

Model IT Department at Genentech Focuses on Using Emotional Intelligence
According to the ITStrategy Blog, Genetech, a San Francisco based biotech firm has a model IT department: "Todd Pierce who is the VP of Corporate IT of Genentech is instrumental in changing the way the IT department functions. I think, they have a model that every company’s IT department should study and try to emulate." It includes building emotional intelligence into the model.

From the article:

With no incentives to focus on customer needs, most of the time the IT department is not in alignment with the business needs of the organization. To focus on the needs of the customers, Genentech’s IT department is training its IT workers with ‘soft skills’ like emotional intelligence. They have identified their core competence and differentiation which Mr. Pierce calls ‘empathy-driven’. By aligning their IT department with the core competencies and their corporate culture, IT department is going to play an important role in Genentech’s Business Strategy.

To read the rest of the article go here: IT Strategy

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