Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The New Job Interview - It's about Personality and EQ

Bosses Try New Ways to Skip Misfit Hires: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

You've got to have emotional intelligence to ace the new interview.
From the article -- as bosses try to find the right kind of people to work for them:

With the national unemployment rate low, at 4.7 percent, and the Baby Boom
generation heading into retirement, employers from Microsoft Corp. to rural
hospitals are worrying about finding enough workers. But companies like
Rackspace Managed Hosting are bucking that trend, working hard to find reasons
to turn people away.

Rackspace CEO Lanham Napier said, "We'd rather miss a good one than hire a bad one."
The 1,900-person computer server hosting company is divided into 18- to 20-person teams. One team is so close, the whole group shows up to help when one member moves into a new home, Napier said. Job interviews at the San Antonio-based company last all day, as interviewers try to rub away fake pleasantness.

"They're here for nine or 10 hours," Napier said. "We're very cordial about it. We're not aggressive, but we haven't met a human being yet who has the stamina to BS us all day."

There's a possible downside, however. In a Harvard Business Review article titled "Fool vs. Jerk: Whom Would You Hire?" Tiziana Casciaro of Harvard and Miguel Sousa Lobo of Duke University point out that people generally like people who are similar to them, so hiring for congeniality can limit diversity of opinions. One venture capitalist told the authors that a capable manager he worked with built a team that "had a great time going out for a beer, but the quality of their work was seriously compromised."

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