Saturday, October 27, 2007

Argue in a Way that Improves Your Health

The reason I chose to specialize in emotional intelligence is because it is the bottom line in WELLNESS.

As the article on yahoo says, "How to Argue ... and Actually Improve Your Health."

But you have to know how to argue right. If you have concerns, takes my EQ COURSE, it is all about anger management, AND YOUR HEALTH.

From the article:

When couples argue, they tend to get caught up in the "who, what, when, and why" of the argument, rather than truly expressing what the argument really makes them feel. Instead, couples should be more descriptive of their feelings, because that's the crux of the issue. For instance, rather than "I can't believe you were late for dinner and didn't call me! This is just like last month when you [insert past indiscretion here]." A better way to truly express your real feelings about your partner's lack of punctuality would be to say, "It makes me sad when you are late and I don't know where you are. I get worried and feel sick to my stomach."

For the rest of the article go here:
How to Argue...and Actually Improve Your Health - The Art of Intimacy on Yahoo! Health

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