Saturday, October 06, 2007

Intermittent Emotional Disorder

Maturity: the elusive detail of personal responsibility by Marsha Petri Sue

From the article:

Maturity is underrated, misunderstood and in a downward spiral. Where will it all end. There is now a new name being given to a disorder that describes people who, in my opinion, don’t use their maturity. It’s called IED or Intermittent Emotional Disorder.

Is this the reason that toxic people and difficult people are on the rise?
Interesting how lack of maturity and personal responsibility continue to have backers. People and groups who come up with excuses as to why bad behavior and
poor choices are not their fault. Now they have another excuse—IED. Intermittent Emotional Disorder is the tag line being used. In the field of psychology, IED really refers to intermittent EXPLOSIVE disorder and is applied to persons who cannot manage their anger, relationships, and/or themselves.
Ms. Sue then gives her answers, including:

Shift to the left-brain where the proper words and actions live. Your right brain kicks in when you are upset and angry. The mental terrorism will spur you on to impulsive deeds and immature actions. Train yourself to count to ten or say, “this is a test, this is only a test. This will not be important in 100 years.” This will help you to stop “awfulizing.”

THE EQ COURSE(c) teaches you about this "shift" process.

She adds, "It takes approximately two hours to recover from anger. In addition, you give your power to others. Is that really what you want?" to which I add, 5 minutes of anger suppresses your immune system for up to 8 hours ... and your immune system IS YOUR HEALTH. (For immune system supplement go HERE.

Ms. Sue quotes Rosalie Hydock, Ph.D., a specialist in human behavior and performance improvement:

“The widespread inability to deal with emotions in an acceptable way is an interesting theme and a logical outcome in a society where several generational
cohorts have been raised to live in the moment with self-gratification rather than long-term consequences as a primary objective. Rather than legitimize this trend with a diagnosis, it might be better to work on developing better emotional control skills.”
Ms. Sue is the author of Toxic People: dealing with difficult people in the workplace without using weapons or duct tape. To order Sue's book, go HERE.

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