Thursday, October 06, 2005

Emotional Intelligence - What do castrati, Chopin, Andrea Bocelli and Candace Pert have in common?

What do castrati, Chopin, Andrea Bocelli, Vivo Per Lei, Romanza, Beethoven, Opera Band, Farinelli, Apollo, immune system, Con Te Partiro, Misere, Candace Pert, Chant, Amici Forever, and Rx: Preparing for Surgery have in common? Find out at:

Emotional Intelligence is showing up on more blogs all the time. Check out what dave fleming had to say on the deep end w/ dave fleming/exploring what the muse whispers on life, leadership and spirituality:

Praciticing Emotional Intelligence as a Leader
Step One: Observation

Heighten your sensitivity to your emotional intelligence as it directly relates to your leadership. Watch how you come across to your team/organization. Pay more attention to the responses you receive when you meet with people. Notice your own emotional reactions when you lead your team or are in front of your organization. You may even want to ask a few trusted colleagues to answer the questions I posed in the previous post.

Don’t make a lot of changes or grow frustrated if you are less than pleased with what you see in yourself. The cultivation of E.I. is a life long dynamic that requires patience and time (and often good coaching).

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