Monday, October 24, 2005

Sun Tzu and WSJ and EQ: Why Women Don't Make it Up the Corporate Ladder


Ah, the thing that makes us the maddest of all ... she's done herself in! Self-sabotage.

According to an article in today's WSJ, women's failures to advance to the top ranks of the Fortune 500 top earners is all their own fault.

Nope, we can't really blame it on men.

It isn't because women are reluctant to put in the 80-hr. workweeks required.

It isn't because they're too concentrated in staff jobs like PR to learn profit-and-loss.

It isn't that they don't know how to play golf (the silliest one of all).

It isn't because men "lead" better than women.

Nope, it turns out it's all in the woman's head!

What's happened, says the latest Catalyst (NY research group) study, is that women have "bought" men's lines. Says WSJ quoting the survey, "Women internalize many of the stereotypes men have about them as less-effective leaders."

NOW ISN'T THAT A CALL FOR EQ! You've gotten the degrees, the experience, the job, the promotions, you're good at what you do, maybe even better than the guy down the hall ... now do you want to stall-out by virtue of your own hand (and head), i.e., the most insidious form of self-sabotage??

The "feedback" that gets internalized that's so harmful to women, is just the kind you need to use your EQ against.

Have you read Sun Tzu? Sounds like Tactical Disposition, to me.

NOTICE: If your first instinct was to say, "It's men's fault," and then, after reading further to say "Now I'm even more convinced it's men's fault!" then you must work on your EQ.

It isn't anyone's "fault" (but your own) that you can't resist taking the bait, keep falling for the same lines men start giving you at about age 14, can't refuse to take the monkey, can't stay centered, and worst of all, abdicate your sense of personal power because you can't see clearly who's "fault" it is.

This sort of work you need an EQ coach for. Can't afford it? You sure can't if you can't keep climbing up the ladder, the stumbling over your own mind, I mean feet! This is self-sabotage.

BTW, a good portion of my coaching practice is spot-calls. If you think you're about to self-sabotage, or not thinking clearly, or can't figure it out, pick up the phone and call. I'll tell you.

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