Monday, October 17, 2005

What a Happy Marriage Looks Like


“Women worry way too much about The Relationship …” this great article on msn by Brian Alexander begins, and he goes on to cover the points of “What a Happy Marriage Looks Like.”

How great it is when a man breaks the silence (see point #2) and tell us how it looks from Mars!

Here are some of the points covered:
1. Repeating the Same Stupid Argument
2. Periods of Non-communication
3. Pursuing Different Hobbies
4. Turning down Sex
5. Looking at Other Women

Marriage, he says, “is bigger than me. It’s given my life a heft it never had with just me in it” The pet peeves, he says “are just satellites of annoyance stuck in orbit around the mass – not mess – that is our marriage. For the record, it’s a gravity I have no intention of escaping.”

Beautiful article. Read it here.
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