Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Discount Coupons and The Frugal Thanksgiving

Are you looking for discount coupons this year to help you through the holidays?

We're going to talk about The Frugal Thanksgiving, but why not start by taking the Facebook Family Tree Poll about what you plan to do for others this Thanksgiving. Even if it's "the widow's pence, we feel good when we give to others.

Because, yes, the way out is the way up.

I was called by a reporter for a national news service today to be interviewed about cutbacks people are making "due to the current economic crisis." How would their Thanksgivings be different? she wanted to know.

I mentioned that we will all be working through our relationship to money during this time period. What money can buy and what it can't. (Money can buy a house, but not a home. Money can buy a clock, but not time.) And the meaning of Thanksgiving. What does money have to do with it? If there are friends and loved ones, clothes on our backs, food and a roof over our heads, and a job, you have a gathering of gratitufe, and many reasons to be grateful.

Here are some things I've heard going around, and some of my own:

Deciding to drive to the family get-together in another state, instead of fly

Staying at relatives' house instead of the usual hotel

Employer gives them a ham, and they have that for dinner, though they prefer turkey

More pot luck. Everyone brings something.

Concern if the hostess is in economic straits. Just bring a turkey over to her house and say you had an extra one and no room in your freezer. (The good giver makes the recipient feel good.

Simple meals with less expensive ingredients. Want a green vegetable? Green peas will do instead of brussel sprouts on the stalk with hollandaise.

Canned pumpkin pie instead of pecan. And make your own crust.

Serve the plates at a seated dinner, not family style, where people will often heap their plates, not eat it all, and thus there is waste

Operating on cash only basis, not credit cards

Making extra efforts to stay well. Illness is expensive. Flu shots, vitamin C, nutrients, antiseptic hand cleanser

And that means using your emotional intelligence skills. Worry, anger, negative people, hostile attitudes ... they all take their toll on the immune system. "5 minutes of anger suppresses the immune system for up to 8 hours." Want to learn more? Get coaching, and/or take The EQ Course.

Looking for discount coupons - lots of information shared on blogs about this

Cutting back on greeting cards. Sending email instead.

Taking your own Christmas photo instead of hiring professional photographer

Giving homemade Christmas gifts. Like the family I know who has pecan trees. They're giving bags of pecans!

I got the pattern from my friend Julie for knitting the most FANTASTIC CLEANING RAG/DISH RAG you will ever own. I make these for everyone at Christmas. I've always been a "loving hands of home" type Christmas person. If you want the pattern, email me.

Eating Thanksgiving dinner at a budget buffet rather than the Ritz-Carleton, if you like to eat out

Instead of going to the usual expensive caterer, when you don't like to cook, going to one of the discount groceries. Many places will offer pre-cooked meals. Shop around and price them.

Get those leftover recipes ready - turkey sandwiches, turkey hash, turkey soup (using even the bones. Nothing wasted. Email me for my great King Ranch Turkey recipe.

Looking for cheap vacations. More people are ordering my SPEAK ON A CRUISE AND TRAVEL THE WORLD FOR PENNIES ebook. (And I've also reduced the price!)

Not going to the usual movie on Thanksgiving afternoon, but getting a DVD or Netflix

Not buying a brand new Thanksgiving outfit at Saks, but going to Goodwill instead. (This is a win-win as it helps others.)

And so it goes. A little ingenuity and a hearty spirit, and you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving. In any way that you can! :-)


P.S. Go back to the grocery the day after Thanksgiving to pick up the discounted turkey 'n' stuff for Christmas dinner.

And here's a discount coupon for you: Half hour coaching session just $25 through the weekend. Email me at sdunn@susandunn.cc to schedule yours. I'll be working all week.

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