Saturday, November 01, 2008

Do You Need a Reason to Travel?

Better Health by Traveling
by Jerry Waxman

From today's mailbag, all the way from Israel. Appropos ... Nancy, Hale and I are heading for the Caribbean at yet another stressful time -- the holidays. December 18-22, I'm gettin' outa here!

From the article:

Everywhere you go, whenever you turn on the television, you see and hear reminders that "These are troubled times." Are these messages useful?

The number one remedy: Do some traveling

If you look around, you'll see that stores are still open, and people are still going about their daily routines. And that's how things should be. Part of the routine must include taking a vacation

We may not have much control over how our leaders handle the economy. But we do control how we react. Just because everybody says there is an economic crisis does not mean we have to have a personal crisis.

The best reactions to an economic crisis are either:
1. Find ways to make more money, or
2. Take a vacation, or
3. Both


A vacation reduces stress. That is the greatest value of a vacation.

Scientists have shown that workers are more productive after a break from routine. Not only laborers, but also managers, executives, and creative professionals notice a surge in productivity after they take a vacation.

The best thing we can do is take a break. Get away for a while.

Everybody around the world ought to take a vacation together. That would not only reduce everybody's stress, it might solve all the world's problems.

Travel for health, for the health of your family, and for the good of your country and the world.

DID I NEED A REASON? Besides, it's the emotionally intelligent thing to do.

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