Friday, November 14, 2008

Resilience and Bouncing Back

The latest poll shows 45% of Americans are angry, afraid ... or maybe it's 60%, or maybe just about all of us have some serious concerns about the state of the economy in the US right now.

At my corner convenience store I see people bringing in bags of pennies saying they hope it will buy enough gas to get home. A 26 year old talks about filing bankruptcy. The manager gets 5 or more job applications a weel. And there was a short on TV about how we could now get the right order at a fast food restaurant because there are now so many "over-qualified" people working there.

How RESILIENT are you? You can take the EQ Map and find out. Or you can find out empirically, by taking a look at how you are handling things right now.

Resilience is about bouncing back (with hope!), or "boundin' ". Enjoy!

Boundin - Pixar animation - Pixar Studios

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