Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How (and Why) to Let Go of Your Adult Children

Parents calling their "children" at college to wake them up for class?

A woman on a date with a middle-aged man tells me that their dinner was interrupted 3 times with cell phone calls from the man's adult, married daughter asking for advice on several matters.

A manager tells me she calls her employees to wake them up in the morning. I ask her "Why?" She replies, "So they'll get here on time." As if that were the way things are supposed to be.

What is going on here?

Psychologist Dale Atkins ("Dr. Dale") talks with host Matt Lauer about letting go of adult children and fostering personal responsility in your adult child(ren), and a look at the cell phone as a long umbilical cord.

The upside for the parent of letting go? "You will be able to have a life."

A good discussion of how to change a behavior that is dysfunctional and how to motivate (what's in it for the parent to give up this behavior?).

Letting go of adult children
Letting go of adult children

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