Monday, November 17, 2008

Web 2.0 Politics and Obama

Tories and Obama embrace web 2.0 while Labour lags behind
an article written by Charlotte Leslie who is the Conservatives' parliamentary candidate for Bristol North West, posted today, Nov. 17.

Says Ms. Leslie:

Gordon Brown's statistical virtual worlds are not the only virtual world in politics....There is another – which New Labour interestingly seems less at home in.

That is the virtual world of web 2.0 – brought to political life recently by the web-world-wizard, the BlackBerrying star with his own social networking website, Barack Obama. And it is completely changing the way politics – and candidates like me – work.

As a candidate in the web-2.0 age, I am instantly connectable to friends and many potential voters. That means people demand very different things from their politicians. They want to know them in ways that were not possible before – they want to know them with their emotional intelligence as well as analyse what they say with their rational faculties.

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