Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Susan Dunn EQ Coach

There are lots of Susan Dunns. Two of them are famous. One is an opera star and the other writes history books. I'm the one who is an EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and Personal Life Coach.
On her blog, Carol Ross put the following quote from Susan Dunn, the historian, which caught my eye, it being election eve:

"[O]nly tolerance for opposition and conflict can guarantee the survival of political freedom."
--Susan Dunn, in the introduction to The Social Contract and the First and Second Discourses by Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Without tolerance for opposition and conflict, we would not have a democracy after all, we would have a dictatorship or autocracy.

Ross adds that what's out there is also within us. We often have conflicts, and this is how we learn, make decisions, use good judgment, get balaced, grow, and get resolution. Many decisions are made through conflict - I want to move/I want to stay here; I want to change jobs/I'm afraid to change jobs; I want Mary but I also want Sue; I want to get an A and I don't want to study.

Some of our biggest conflicts occur when our "brains" are fighting each other. Let's say your reptilian brain wants you to eat that steak and hot fudge sundae, saying it's hungry ... and your neocortex tells you that if you want to continue losing weight you cannot do that.

What's interesting is that on her blog, Ross mentions her coach a lot. Hooray for coaches and coaching! Yes coaches help people. I'm proud to be a part of the profession.

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