Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Eye Candy - what's that got to do with focus?

I headed out today to take care of some necessary errands. First off was to go to the bank and deposit some checks. I'm fairly new to this area but I know where my bank is!
As I drove along, I noticed there was an amusement park set up on the left side of the road - some summer fair I guess. I have little ones in my life and thought that might be fun to take them to. But I was also thinking that it's 107 degrees in Dallas today and wondered how the fair was doing.
So where's the bank? Drove right past it!
It's so easy to be distracted from what we need to be doing when something pleasant looms on the horizon. And a special EQ note - learn what fogs your thinking. 107 degree would be one of those things. (Is there enough fresh air in your office? Is the temperature right at home for a good night's sleep.)
We often have to remind ourselves about tasks to stick with our Intentionality. What do you intend to do today and to have happen? Then keep it in mind.
That's the EQ way.

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