Friday, August 15, 2008

Vocabulary, the Hidden Asset of Emotional Intelligence

In his research, Johnson O'Connor, a pioneer in the field of educational testing, claimed that an extensive vocabulary is the single most important indicator of lifetime success, whether it be financial, professional, or personal.

One of the most important things I work with with clients is their vocabulary. How they express themselves. One of the EQ competencies actually is Emotional Expression, but it goes beyond that. Being able to articulate a thought or a feeling is the key to good communication, and one of the most important things you will be judged by.

Whether you swear, use elitist vocabulary, cannot get out of your professional jargon, stumble over words, or lack the ability to understand and use metaphor and stories, argue and provoke instead of negotiating and discussing, or are boring ... effects your ability to get along with others, at work and at home.

Part of this I teach as etiquette. For instance how do you "get rid of" someone when you simply must get off the phone? How do you deal with an abrasive boss? How do you answer those tough questions in the interview? How do you placate an angry customer? How do you soothe a child?

How do you discuss a problem with your spouse without getting either hysterical or stone-walling?

In fact, my EQ COURSE(tm) includes poetry, the distillation of the best that language has to offer, including metaphor and simile. Great literature also gives you analogies (with other similarly educated people - which is where you want to be.) I know lawyers who read Shakespeare so they can write more compelling briefs.

If you would like to improve your ability to express yourself, the impression you make on others, and your success at negotiation and influence, email me for coaching, or call 817-741-7223. You will learn in the natural way - context, conversation, and feedback.

It' s one of the best investments you can make in your future happiness!

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