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Usain Bolt and Coaching

Usain Bolt and Coaching

A world record falls and an Olympian does something no one has done before. The Yahoo teaser continues, "Find out what it is."

They are talking, of course, about Usain Bolt of Jamaica, who broke the world record by winning the 200 meters in 19.30 seconds Wednesday night.

Yahoo adds, BOLT IS THE FIRST MAN TO BREAK THE WORLD MARKS IN BOTH SPRINTS AT AN OLYMPICS. Not even Lewis or Jesse Owens managed that.

I guess because I'm a coach, when I read the lead-in, I wondered about his coach. Also two of my clients immediately came to mind. Followed by any number of others, but two in particular I'd like to tell you about because they accomplished something that for them, was just as monumental, though it will never make the Yahoo headlines.

Actually as a coach I have many examples, but here are just two.

Erita called me several years ago to talk about something job related. I probed around and asked some questions, and discovered that she had been an LPN, and wanted to be an RN, but was "sure" she could never pass the math parts of the college degree allowing for an RN, and also that she was "too old." Meanwhile she was doing something else, but her heart was still with the nursing degree she would never be able to have.

"Ha!" said I, the coach.

To fast-forward on this story, I worked with her for several years as she got herself admitted to a college, then faced the dreaded math courses (the chemistry, she always told me, was "easy", which I, the English major found astounding!). She thought often of giving up and would call. Slowly she began to believe in herself.

The upshot is she now has attained a job as an RN at a major hospital, having gotten the degree and passed the exam. No one has ever done this before either, because there is no one else on earth with her set of challenges and potentials.

The credit belongs to her. I was the coach, but it was her game, and she won it.

Amanda is another example. She is a coach I trained and certified and has a thriving business based on the Internet and requiring endless keyboarding. At the age of 62, she broke her right thumb and ring finger, making keyboarding impossible. NOT! She had taken the EQ training program and on-line course on emotional intelligence, which is full of research on neuroscience, brain science. "I can't," said she. "Try it! said I. "I bet you can." The doctor could not tell her what would be the outcome of the accident, because it was not a clean fracture, but smashed and splintered.

Amanda moved the mouse over to the left side if the keyboard and started in, training her left hand. Business continues ... That is one tough woman!

As a coach, I am continually in awe of the things people do that have never been done on earth them!

If you'd like to become a coach and share in one of the most rewarding professions there is, email me for information at . We train long distance (I have certified people all over the world), by phone, IM and email (core material on Internet), or you can come to Dallas for an intensive one-day applications seminar.

Coaching is rewarding, its portable, you can't get fired, it is a growth field, you will only get better with age, its the perfect "second" career, and you can begin while you continue on in your paying job and your practice builds.

AND ABOUT USAIN'S COACHES (from wikipedia)

Under the guidance of new coach Fitz Coleman, Bolt turned professional in 2004,
beginning with the CARIFTA games in Bermuda....He became the first junior sprinter to run the 200 metres in under 20 seconds, breaking Roy Martin' world
junior record by two tenths of a second with 19.93 seconds.

The following year, 2005, signalled a fresh start for Bolt in the form of a new coach, Glen Mills and a new attitude to athletics. Mills recognised Bolt's potential and
aimed to cease the sprinter's unprofessional approach to the sport.

Jamaican surprised even himself with the time but coach Glen Mills remained
confident there was more to come. Mills' prediction came true before the end of
the month when Bolt established a new 100 metres world record in May


According to Wikipedia, Usain began to want to try the 100 m and Glen bet him if he could break the National Record, he would agree to let him run the 100 m.

At the 2007 National Championships in June, Bolt broke Donald Quarrie's 36-year-old record by 0.11 seconds, running 19.75.

To quote Glen: "After the race he didn't even say thank you, he just said 'when is the hundred'."

Coaches inspire, push, instruct, encourage, tweak, stand by, bolster, and push! Who knows what you might do with the right coach!

I train, work with, supervise and network with outstanding coaches. We will find the RIGHT ONE for you that could signal "a fresh start" for you.

Photo: wikipedia commons, author Eckhard Pecher (Arcimboldo)

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