Saturday, August 16, 2008

Resilience builds Resilience

Everyday heroes to me are people who are resilient.

Today's example. Nancy has an online business which involves being on the computer all the time. Recently some nerve damage occurred in her right hand and she couldn't use it. At the age of 63, she quietly moved her mouse over to the left side of the keyboard and started learning to type with just her left hand.

YOU CAN DO IT! If you hit a snag, let me coach you. That's what I'm here for.

Warren is another example. He is 58 and a chiropractor. Years of the maneuvers have left him unable to use his right arm well enough, so he quietly began getting into consultation and teaching.

You can retrain your brain in many ways. That's why we keep learning new things. It keeps the 'aging' brain young. Learn something outside your field for best results. And KEEP LEARNING.

Learning matters. You may need it some day! :-)

Lifetime learning is one of the keys to resilience.

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